How I Make Over $60,000 a Month with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program online income

 - How I make over $50,000 a month on ClickFunnels affiliate program, and in this video, I'm gonna be walking you through my exact campaigns, the numbers, the numbers that you need to know in order to start, grow, build, scale, and utilizing ClickFunnels as a great way to help other business owners as well as making an affiliate income for yourself.

Are you ready? Let's begin. (energetic music) So, I'm gonna start off by showing you how I literally went from zero to over making$50,000 a month utilizing this software, ClickFunnels, helping other people grow their business, and we're gonna start off with this number here to show you how $50,000 a month looks like, the breakdown, and how you can actually learn from my journey. So, I have been marketing ClickFunnels now forever since pretty much they started. They're close to about, they're about five years old right now. So, if you're new to this, what ClickFunnels is, it's first of all, it'snot a business opportunity. It's not BizOps. Many times, people new to this, they think oh, it's some get-rich-quick thing. It's basically a software that helps people build landing pages.

It simplifies the process, and it enables people like you and me who aren't coders or programmers or designers to build up these pages and start processing payments and to sell physical products or digital products really, really easily. So, business owners and people who want to bring their stuff online would need this software, and I wanna start off by walking you through the numbers of how that would actually look like in my account. So, when you log into the click funnels Affiliate Dashboard,

one of the things that they will tell you as an affiliate when you sign up for an affiliate, it's free to sign up, are these critical numbers here. Okay, I'm gonna start off by walking you through what these critical numbers are, and then I'm gonna be showing you how do you actually start if you're brand new, and what I did in order to become one of the top affiliates in the ClickFunnels community. So, this first number here is, that says MRR over here, stands for monthly recurring revenue. So, what MRR is stands for monthly recurring revenue, and the reason why this is such a powerful portion when it comes to affiliate marketing is that this software, there are two price points. There's $97, and $297, basically, what ClickFunnels does is as long as you refer this person,

 and if this person continues being a paying customer every single month, you could actually get 40% of this monthly recurring revenue. 40%, isn't that insane? So, that means that they are taking care of the product development, the customer support, servicing it, the servers, the maintenance, all of that, and they will pay you 40% as long as this person continues being a member. So, that's the first number to truly understand. So, this first portion here that says MRR is something that I think about in affiliate marketing all the time. Yes, it's great that they have high-ticket, but one way to truly buildup a passive income stream is to see if they have some sort of recurring and if they would pay you on the recurring, so ClickFunnels meets that criteria.

The next numbers are New Trials. So again, I'm gonna walk you through the numbers first and then show you the strategy behind it, okay, so even if you're new, even you're experienced, you'll be able to see how you can utilize these different strategies. So, how ClickFunnels work before they start marketing the $97 or $297 per month plan, you actually get to refer people to get14 days free on a trial, and after the 14 days trial, if they like the software, then they can continue to decide if they wanna get the $97 or the $297 per month plan, and in this example over here, so, this was for a two-month period, and during this two-month period, we have 682 trials, okay.

So, Currently, Trialingmeans how many people that's actively within this14-day trial right now. Now, this is the Life Time Value. Now, Life Time Value is insane. Like, if you take a look at this, the Life Time Value of an average customer is $14,000. Now, what does that tell you? It tells you that when a person goes on ClickFunnels, chances are because they're either making money with it, saving money with it, or it's just helping them get their life back because they can now manage all of their online stuff without being a programmer, designer, or coder. Chances are, they remain for a really, really, really, really long time. Like, I've been a ClickFunnelsuser now for about,

I think, you know, four years. So, if you take a look at this, Life Time Value, $14,000, it just tells you that retention is amazing. It's not something that people utilize once or a few months and then quit, especially if you as the affiliate are referring people that are actually serious and not shiny object seekers, like, BizOps seekers, which then is proved over here. This is the Churn. The Churn is how many people actually cancel. You can see it says here, "Canceled Customers "in the last 30 days divided by Active Customers times 100." So, what does it mean?

It means that half a percent of people actually drop out every month, which is, again, insane. Most people who utilize it will stay, and you can see that myTrial Stick Rate is 86%, which means that out of 312 people trialing, 86% of people would actually continue to either adopt and take up the $97 or $297 per month. So, as you can see here, the MRR is $51,988, which is insane, and the reason why these numbers can be achieved is that Life Time Value is amazing because the Churn is so low,(bell dinging) and because the Trial(bell dinging) Stick Rate is extremely high. So, what does that mean for you? How do you actually promote this if you are new, or if you are already promoting this, what is the right way to actually get these types of results? Now, obviously, the first of all,

when I say these types of results, my results are not typical. I'm not a typical affiliate marker. You'll notice that whatI'm doing is I'm selling my own stuff first, and then as a side thing because people need to buildup their pages online anyway, I refer people to click funnels on the site, but affiliate marketing is not my main thing, and I don't recommend that to be your main thing either because if you do that, affiliate marketing, you're still at the end of the day building somebody else's business, and building up somebody else's business is not really a business, so that brings us to the next part, and the next part is really thinking about how do you actually promote it, and what funnels should you utilize to promote ClickFunnels? You see, when you go into the Affiliates Dashboard,

ClickFunnels themselves, they have, like, their own training in-house, and I will leave a couple of resources in the description box below, but one of the things that you will see is they've got a lot of different free training and, oh, so yeah, I've won, like, a lot of different sizes from ClickFunnels. They really have literally one of the best affiliate programs in the world. They've got a lotta different ways that you can actually utilize to promote ClickFunnels. Now, one of the best ways I would recommend promoting ClickFunnels, to get serious people in. Remember, you don't want to attract people who are, like, of the get-rich-quick mentality 'cause they're gonna try it out, and then they're just gonna cancel. Now, one of the reasons why my stick Rate is extremely high and why my Life Time Value is extremely high is because I am looking for people, and I attract the people, that actually want to build a real business online, and when people actually take action,

guess what? When then start making money, they're never gonna cancel because now, it's no longer a cost. So, that's the first goal here. If you can enable the people that you attract to sign up for this software, to actually get more leads, to actually convert these leads into sales, guess what? Because it now pays for itself, they're never gonna cancel. So, the first question that I would ask you to ask yourself is who do you wanna serve, and what is the result you could help them generate utilizing this software? Let's say it could be dentists, chiropractors, or gym owners, or people who wanna create courses, or network marketers, or real estate agents. Just think about who they are for a second, and how can you help them either get more leads and convert these leads into sales through a sales process? And this is when you would want to actually utilize this software yourself, and one of the things that

I do is I always give out bonuses to people who register through my link, which is something that I would recommend you do as well. So, if you wanna see how that's done, in the description box below, you'll be able to see the entire sales process. You'll notice that there are many different funnels here, and what I love is the 14-day trial. So, they will give you this link, and this affiliate link, you can now utilize it in your promotions. I love utilizing the 14-day free trial because it's low-risk. In fact, there's no risk. People can just try it out for free, but the main key here is how do you actually utilize content to drive people into this 14-day trial? So, let's say now you sign up for your affiliate program, you sign up for ClickFunnels, and ClickFunnels now has given you your 14-day trial. This is your trial link, and right now, your goal is to get people into this 14-day trial. Now,

before you get people into this 14-day trial, it's really important to understand this concept that I talked about earlier, which is if you are building somebody else's business, it's not a business. So, a lot of times, what people try to do is they try to send traffic straight to this link, and if that is what you're doing, you're not building a business. You're building somebody else's business. So, right now, what you need to do is you need to move this over here, and before you start promoting the 14-day trial, you need to promote something that is of your own first, okay. Now, what do I mean by building something that is of your own? You need to be building your own list, so let's take, for example,

you wanna help real estate agents get more leads online. So now, in order to build this own list, what this page would look like, it would be you build up this super-simple page on ClickFunnels, and it could be something that says, "Free training reveals," or free blueprint or free cheat sheet or free swipe file "reveals how as a real estate agent "you can get more leads and more visibility online. "Enter your name and email below to receive this free "training, free blueprint, free report," free whatever, right? So now, they enter their name and their email, and guess what? Because somebody gave you their name and email, this belongs to you forever. Now, the biggest mistake that people makeover here is they try to give out things like an ebook. Understand that ebook is on the most horrible ways to get somebody's name and email, why? Just think about this: if somebody offered you a 280-page ebook, how does that make you feel? Chances are, you're gonna feel like, "Oh, I don't have time for that." What you want in order to attract somebody to give you their name and email is something that's specific and actionable. So, this could be a free checklist, a free swipe file, a free download, a free template, right, a free script. What is something that sounds like even if they gave you their name and email, their life would be slightly better off?

After they enter their name and email, now it makes sense for you to direct them to the 14-day trial. So, this is when you would have a series of follow-up emails because, guess what, because the list now belongs to you, if you nurture this list if you continue to give them value, if you continue to build up relationships, somewhere down the line, either an email sequence, one, two, three, four, five, six, they're gonna go to this 14-day trial. Guess what? Follow-up email number-one, it could be: Hey, this Peng Joon here, and first of all, I wanna thank you for trusting me with your name and email. In this free training series, I'm gonna be showing you how you too can get more leads online utilizing this simple framework. Chances are,

if you are a real estate agent and you are relying on the old methods like giving out brochures, cold calls, and knocking on doors, you know that this is no longer effective, and one of the things I'd like to share with you is how you can actually start getting leads online, okay? So, this is how you're sending them and giving them value. You're educating them, but now, every email, you can now send them to the 14-day trial, where the call to action would be, "A great software "out there that would help you get more leads online "through having sales processes to convert these audiences "into leads is called click funnels," and now, you're sending them to this 14-day trial. Now, this is one method. How can you take things further? So now, remember, you need to field people into this page, right? Now, this could be Facebook. This could be Instagram. This could be YouTube, by the way, look at what I'm doing on this video, on this video literally. If you take a look at what's below this video in the description box, you'll see that I'm also sending potentially you to the click funnels trial so that you can test it out, but notice what I'm doing next, okay. I am also giving out these things called share funnels. Okay, so going into my actual ClickFunnels account, I literally have hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of different funnels, okay, where you have, like, membership site funnels, funnels for a physical product, event funnels, application funnels, a lot of different funnels, and what is real.

 powerful about these different funnels is that in each of these different platforms, so let me just open a random one, so this would be, for example, a free plus shipping funnel that I have. Now, what's really, really powerful is I can actually go to Settings, and under my settings, I can click on this thing that says Share Funnel. You see this? Now, when I click on ShareFunnels, what ClickFunnels will do is they will give me this link, and I can actually take this link and pass it on to anyone, for example, you, and in one click, my entire funnel, all of the funnel steps: step one, step two, step three, step four, the entire architecture and infrastructure of the whole funnel will be pushed into your account. By the way, when you share funnel and when a person adopts that shared funnel if they're a new user, have never utilized ClickFunnelsbefore, guess what happens? ClickFunnels will credit you for the sale, and as long as this person continues being a member, you'll get paid every single month. So,

how can you utilize this? So, back to our real estate agent example. So, back to our real estate agent example, can you imagine if over here, you said: One of the things that I did is I already have these funnels done for you. I have created your real estate agent funnel, where the design is done, the template is done, and all you need to do in thisone clicks is to claim this entire funnel so that it will be in your account as well. Now, just think about how much trouble or time you're gonna save this person through this share funnels. So, one of the things that I'm gonna do to show you examples of how I'm doing it is the same thing here. In this description box below, I'm gonna share with you different types of funnels: the opt-in funnel, the lead magnet funnel, the network marketing funnel, the free plus shopping funnel, the webinar funnel. I'm gonna share with you a few different funnels below so that you can start seeing how this Share Funnel feature works, and what you wanna be doing is utilize these share funnels and share it as a method to refer people intoClickFunnels, where now, you're no longer telling people ClickFunnels, but rather prescribing, and that's a very different angle altogether. Can you imagine now, rather than saying, "Hey guys, "you gotta really check out ClickFunnels?

"ClickFunnels is amazing," but rather, you actually show them, "Hey, guess what, guys, I have actually built "this sales process for your order to help you get "more leads in the real estate business, "and all you need to do is try it for yourself. "It's free. "Click on this link to get this share funnel as well." Can you imagine how different the pitch is now going to be? Everyone needs more leads, needs more visibility online, and they need a way to convert these leads into sales, and that brings us to our next level, which is how do you do it to the masses, which is what I did? Now, before I reveal what that would be, if you like the content so far, do me a favor and smash the Like button. It does help with the algorithm a little bit, and let me know right up to this point what you've learned, your biggest takeaway is as well as click on the Subscribe button, (mouse clicking)the little bell button on the bottom right-hand side(bell dinging) for future videos just like this one if you enjoyed it.

That being said, have you done that yet? I'm gonna do an awkward silence for five seconds while you do it right now. (crow screeching) Okay, so now that you have done that, let me show you-- Have you done that? Okay, I'm gonna trust that you did. Let's talk about how do you actually scale it? Okay, how do you actually get, like, hundreds of people, like, literally hundreds of people into your trials? Well, the way you do that is by serving not one-to-one but one-to-many. So, when it comes to the dashboard, you'll notice that ClickFunnels has got many different types of products, right? No, ClickFunnels is the core product that they actually wanna sell, but they have other products like "Traffic Secrets." They have, like, their Funnel Away Challenge, and they have got many different products that I would try out different angles to promote. How that works is let's take, for example,

 "Traffic Secrets," which is over here, is a funnel itself. Okay, so how "Traffic Secrets" works is if you promote the book "TrafficSecrets," on the front end, you only get paid $1, but if they take an upgrade, they pay you about 40% of upgrades. So, one of the things that you wanna do is to start thinking about the people that you wanna serve. How can you promote these other front-end products? Because what ClickFunnelshas is this thing called sticky cookies, and you could be promoting this simple book called "TrafficSecrets," and after that, they're gonna follow up with this person, and if this person eventually gets ClickFunnels, this person who signed up for ClickFunnels will be credited to you as well. So, one of the things that you wanna be thinking about is to look at all of their other front-end offers. This could be the "Traffic Secrets" book. This could be the "Expert Secrets" book.

This could be all of their other stuff in here. In order to promote to the masses, I now scale by not thinking about how can I promote ClickFunnelsbut how can I promote the thing that sells the thing? So, the thing that you wanna sell as an affiliate, it might be ClickFunnels, butClickFunnels as software might be a hard sell because people don't wake up in the morning thinking, "How can I build a sales funnel today?" So, in order to sell the thing, you wanna think about how can you create the thing that sells the thing? People are thinking, "How do I get more leads online? "How do I get more traffic online?" So, they have, like, "DotComSecrets," "Traffic Secrets," "Expert Secrets," and when you promote that funnel when that person upgrades to click funnels, you get credited for the sale as well through the sticky cookies. So, based on this example here, this is how I promote"Traffic Secrets," right. So, "Traffic Secrets," noticed give out different bonuses in order to get people buying through my link. Guess what I'm doing right now? I'm doing the same thingI'm asking you to do.

I am getting people to give me their name and their email first, which is what you wanna be doing 'cause why? When somebody gives you their email, you own this thing. This yours forever, and this is when you can be promoting your own product or somebody else's product in the future, but this is truly something that you own, and this person will be following you for a really long time if you treat them well. To kinda further illustrate what I'm doing right now is I created a simple landing page where I'm getting people to give me their email, and then, now, I am sending traffic into this simple landing page. This could be from Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube, right, and now, because the lead belongs to me, I can now have follow-up email number one, follow-up email number two, follow-up email number three. I know it looks a little bit funny 'cause it says F-U-1-2-3, but it stands for a follow-up email, okay, so after that, because they belong to me, then that is when they go to the "Traffic Secrets" funnel because it's an easier sell, right. It's just $10 and guess what.

 That entire funnel of "TrafficSecrets" is to get people to buy the main thing, and what is the main thing? The main thing is ClickFunnels. So now, there's different layers to it, okay, so this is another way to think about, but notice, you're driving traffic, but you're not driving traffic straight to somebody else's product. Now, I don't care if this click funnels or any other person's product, you gotta remember you are building and sending traffic to someone else's sales process or landing page direct, you're not building a business. You're building somebody else's business, so you always wanna capture the lead firsthand than have the follow-up emails, and the follow-up emails could be promoting this. It could be promotingClickFunnels in the future, right. Email number 43 could be selling ClickFunnels 'cause now, this thing here belongs to you, and that's the thing I want you guys to see. How do you continue scaling? So, this is another way that continues scaling. Can you imagine as you start doing this, what if you started to scale it through webinars or events? Really small, so, how did I manage to get so many people in? It would be this: utilizing the webinar funnel, okay. I'm just gonna end it with this pro tip here, okay. So, let's go back to that, say, your real estate agent example. So, let's say now, you're clear on who it is that you serve and the result that you help them generate, so you help real estate agents get more leads online, so now, you have a webinar training that says, "Free training reveals how to get more leads "online as a real estate agent," right. "Sign up for this free training "to understand these three techniques." So, they sign up for this webinar, and on this webinar page, you actually say, "Just showing up, I'm gonna give you "a free sales process on how to get "more leads online," and guess what? This is basically the share funnel that I told you about, and on this webinar, you could sell your own thing. You could sell your $5,000 service. You could sell your $997 course. It could be, whatever it is that you wanna sell: your product, program, services, but guess what? When you start driving people, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, into your webinar, into your training, into your presentation, even if they don't buy, on your Slack deck, you're gonna say,

"Hey guys, at the end "of this webinar, I'm just gonna give you straight up "a free, functional sales process that you "can utilize immediately to get more leads online "just as a way of saying thank you for showing up." So, this is a very powerful thing that I do. So now, when I'm sending people to webinars, sure, I'm making money because there's something that they can invest in at the end of the webinar, but much more than that, even if they don't buy on the webinar and if they utilize this share funnel, it gives them value. That's number one, but number two, that's how I'm getting people to be part and utilize this software, and extremely thankful for it 'cause there's massive perceived value 'cause it would have taken them hours if not tens of hours to develop this themselves, and then on the webinar, so notice what happens. On the webinar, that's when I had my own product for sale where I will be able to monetize this, the ad cost, and liquidate the ad cost that was paid either on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or Google, but on top of that, I have an additional stream of income from the share funnels. So now, not only am I selling my own products, which is what you need to be doing, but I'm also having another stream of income from the share funnel. So, this is literally the setup. How do you then link all this together? Again, I'm going full circle. I wanna be as tactical as possible as well. So, in other words, if you wanna start establishing yourself as an authority in that topic, you gotta start building these moving pieces. So, for example, if you know that you wanna promote ClickFunnels in the real estate market for serving real estate agents, you could be utilizing and creating youtube videos, which is over here. What would your YouTube videos say? It would be exactly that. It would be, "How to get more leads online "as a real estate agent," and can you imagine if you started creating videos on this and on the video, in your YouTube description box, you would say, "Hey, guys, here's how you do it. "These are the five steps," and the end of it all would be: Hey, so if you enjoyed this, and if you now understand the importance of having a process online to get more leads as a real estate agent, all you need to do right now is, in the description box below,

 I have the same exact funnel that I just showed you featured on this video, so go ahead and claim this funnel. So, can you imagine if you started doing that in your YouTube videos if you started doing that in your message if you started incorporating this as part of your training? So, I don't know, even if you had a course. Look, so, understand something: this doesn't end here. You could have a workshop, okay. You could have a course. You could have a member's area, right. What if all these different avenues, you still had peoplegoing to the 14-day trial or the share funnel, which is what I do, right? So, if you wanna start serving one-to-many,

 ask yourself how can you incorporate your training, your member's area, your book, your workshop, your webinars, and follow them into either the 14-days or more share funnels? That's basically how I did it. That's basically my journey how I started from zero to over $50,000 a month passive income utilizing ClickFunnels by just doing it on the side. Again,

you gotta remember, if you're not building your own business first, you're not building a business. Hey, I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is, and as always, make sure you subscribe. Be sure to tell your friends about this if you know they'll be able to benefit from this, and click on the notification bell for future videos just like this one.

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